Doubts and second thoughts.
Tick tock, tick tock.
First second, second second, temporary forevers.
Third eye, four in the morning took the fifth, sixth shot.
Anxious over the anxiety.
Coping mechanisms and recipes for disaster.
Highs and lows on the flatline…
Fire that burns in water and swords that cut nothing.
Take my hand, let’s give them something to see tonight.
Autonomous anatomy, baby move.
Finish my sentences, jinx.
Twisted mind, colorful too. Like a rubik’s.
Let’s chill without the Netflix.
Run mazes in my mind…
…I’ll run my fingers over you.
We don’t have to play games.
Let me see that poker face.
You can be my queen of hearts.
I’ll rank as high as two aces.
There’s no saying goodbye now, no deuces.
Tonight you come second to none.


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